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SM200A/B/C Downloads

Software and Drivers

Spike Software

  • Spectrum analysis software for all Signal Hound spectrum analyzers.
  • Installs the USB drivers for the SM200.

Signal Hound Software Development Kit

  • Includes SM200 device programming interface.
  • Low level direct device control and measurements.
  • 64/32-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux operating systems.


All manuals are included with the Spike software installer. For direct manual links see below.

SM200 Product Manual

10GbE Network Configuration Guide for SM200C


Firmware updater for all models of the SM200. You can see the current firmware version of your device in the Spike status bar.

Read the release_notes before updating the firmware on your device.

Firmware Updater (6/1/2020)

Pre-production Downloads

Software support for pre-production SM200A devices.

Spike with SM200A support (Version 3.1.10) (S/N 17249006 only)

SM200A API Version 1.0.1 (S/N 17249006 only)

Spike with SM200A support (Beta Version 3.1.9) (S/N 17249001 only)

SM200A API Version 1.0.0 (S/N 17249001 only)

STEP File Downloads

3D model files (CAD) of the exterior of the SM200A, B, and C, in the Standard for the Exchange of Product Data (STEP) format. Perfect for those needing the physical specs of the SM200-series devices for system integration purposes.

SM200A/B STEP Files

SM200C STEP Files