SP145 — 14.5 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

SP145 — 14.5 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer


Offering real-time analysis up to 14.5 GHz with ultra-fast sweep speeds in a portable form factor, the SP145 is your ideal RF analysis companion in the field and at the lab.


Ultra-fast, ultra-portable RF analysis up to 14.5 GHz

The SP145 is a high-performance, 14.5 GHz real-time spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver featuring sweep speeds up to 200 GHz/sec, 40 MHz streaming bandwidth, -160 dBm displayed noise average, and an internal GPS for enhanced field measurements.

At-a-glance specs:

  • 100 kHz to 14.5 GHz frequency range
  • Sweeps at 200 GHz/sec (at ≥70 kHz RBW)
  • Calibrated Streaming I/Q: Up to 40 MHz of selectable I/Q streaming bandwidth
  • Connects to a PC for analysis (Spike spectrum analysis application included) via USB-C
  • Small form factor: 7.45″ x 4.51″ x 1.81″ (189mm x 115mm x 46mm) 1.1 lbs.(0.5 kg)
  • Extended temperature range option available
  • Compatible with Windows or Linux, x64_86 architecture

How does the SP145 compare with other Signal Hound spectrum analyzers? SP145-comparison-1-sheet_final.pdf

Device dimensions


SP145 — 14.5 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer - Standard, Temperature Range: 0°C to +65°C

Dimensions7.5" x 4.6" x 1.89" (19.1 x 11.7 x 7.6 cm)

Product-in-packaging dimensions

No in-packaging dimensions available.


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