Signal Hound In the Media

As an RF test equipment manufacturer, Signal Hound products are covered in industry news publications, video channels, and websites. The following list provides links to this coverage.

Print publications


Video coverage

The Signal Path

Videos posted by Shahriar Shahramian of The Signal Path:

SM200B/SM200C 20 GHz analyzer experiments, review, and teardown

BB60C 6 GHz analyzer review, compared with RSA306

VSG25A vector signal generator used in a Keysight EXA review (at 1:08:57 mark)

SM200A first-look and quick review at the 2018 International Microwave Symposium

PNCS-1 phase noise clock standard review, teardown, and experiments

RCRWireless News

Video interview with Kelly Hill at RCRWireless News:

An interview with Kelly Hill on the history of Signal Hound and where the company is headed


Videos posted by radio technician and YouTube personality Commsprepper:

SA44B 4.4 GHz analyzer introduction

Listening to the 80 meter band with the SA44B

Scanning the 2m amateur radio band with the SA44B

Creating presets with Signal Hound’s Spike software

Testing antennas with the TG44A tracking generator

VSG25A vector signal generator radio receiver test