Third-Party Software

The following applications are compatible with Signal Hound spectrum analyzers:

Kestrel TSCM Professional Software
Powerful, budget friendly, innovative, full featured, mission flexible, scalable, dual receiver hand-off ready, RF Spectrum analytics software perfect for TSCM, SIGINT, RSSM, and TSEC applications
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SCEPTRE by 3dB Labs
SCEPTRE is a Linux-based, customizable, remoteable signal processing suite capable of real-time and offline spectrum and temporal analysis as well as signal detection, demodulation, geolocation, and recording. SCEPTRE signals intelligence (SIGINT) software is compatible with our SM200B and BB60C spectrum analyzers.
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RadioInspector software is an applications set for searching, analyzing, locating, monitoring and controlling radio frequency signals in electromagnetic spectrum, compatible with our SA, BB, and SM-series spectrum analyzers.
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go2MONITOR and go2DECODE by Procitec
Procitec’s go2MONITOR is robust signal monitoring software with a variety of RF monitoring applications built into a simple, uncomplicated tool. The go2DECODE application determines the technical parameters of unknown or new transmission methods, to adapt or develop decoders in order to incorporate them into an existing go2MONITORING solution. Both applications are compatible with our BB60C real-time spectrum analyzer.
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ARCALE’s RF software suite consists of a coherent set of software for acquiring, recording, reading, generating and analyzing RF signals, compatible with our SA and BB-series spectrum analyzers. Target market is electronic warfare, signal intelligence and monitoring.
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Decodio Spectrum Monitoring Software
The Decodio Spectrum Monitoring System is a full-featured software solution for signal analysis and professional mobile radio (PMR) communication decoding including TETRA, DMR, P25, dPMR and NXDN. Decodio RED receives the I/Q wideband data from SignalHound’s BB60C receiver, detects emissions and extracts and decodes more than 100 narrowband channels in parallel on standard PC hardware. Additionally the BB60C receiver can be used in Decodio Localizer as input device for location finding based on TDoA.
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