EMC / EMI Precompliance Testing

Using EMC precompliance testing in your hardware development process can help you avoid costly and time-consuming redesigns after EMC compliance testing failure. By combining a Signal Hound spectrum analyzer, an antenna, some EMC probes and our Spike software, you can monitor the electromagnetic interference of your devices during the entire design/build process.

Why use a Signal Hound for EMC / EMI Precompliance Testing?


Starting at just $2995 USD (for the BB60C), high-performance at this price is unheard of. Downsize your R&D and testing budgets without compromising performance.


The BB60C provides real-time spectrum analysis with overlapping FFTs for highly accurate sensing.


No more big boxes taking up your workspace. A Signal Hound is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, and powered by your laptop or desktop PC’s USB 3.0 connection.


We love our products, and we know you will too. We want you to be successful with your device no matter where you are, so we offer our customers full support as fast as we are able.

Glen Gassaway of Southwest EMI Reviews Our EMC Precompliance Testing Module

The EMI precompliance industry is a complex and challenging space, so while designing the EMC precompliance testing tools for our Spike software we knew we needed to verify the features with somebody who really knows what they’re talking about. Glen Gassaway of Southwest EMI in Arizona was one of the first people we thought of. We sent the unit to Glen, and anxiously awaited the feedback.

The verdict? Well, how does this sound?:

“Throughout the evaluation, I had absolutely no issue with the software hanging up or lagging. All measurements I took seemed very reasonable. The EMC module is well written and easy to learn. Honestly I wish I had more time in the lab to play with the unit!”

Read on for the complete story…

Read the review in its entirety at the Southwest EMI blog:

Read Glen’s review of our EMC precompliance testing tools

What can a Signal Hound do for you?

Troubleshoot your hardware design

The BB60C and EMC precompliance software is great for troubleshooting your design long before official precompliance testing.

Save money

Reduce the risk of failure at costly EMC test labs by using the BB60C to perform precompliance testing on your device before sending it out for official EMC testing.

Save time (Time-to-Market)

Increase the chances of your device passing the first time at an EMC test lab.

Signal Hound products perfect for EMC / EMI Precompliance Testing

BB60C — 6 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

₹269,027 – ₹288,275

  • RF Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Wide dynamic range: -158 dBm to +10 dBm
  • Instantaneous bandwidth of 27 MHz
  • Up to 24 GHz/sec sweep speed (≥10 kHz RBW)

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EMC Near-field Probe Set with 40 dB Wideband Amplifier


  • (4) Probes for EMC pre-compliance measurements
  • Locate and identify potential interference sources
  • TBSWA2 / 40dB wideband amplifier included
  • Every set includes a SMB to SMA cable (0.75m)

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Download our EMC precompliance testing app note

Compliant hardware development can get expensive, but the BB60C Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, our free Spike software, and a set of simple probes can provide real-time EMC precompliance measurements that can be performed while testing variations rapidly and cost effectively. Learn more about EMI testing in this free application note.

Learn more about setting up EMC / EMI precompliance testing in your workflow.

Download our application note

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